Recovering from COVID-19

We are seeing a number of people in our community recovering from COVID and trying to get back to their normal lives.

Research suggests that between 10 to 30 per cent of people who get COVID-19 may have symptoms that persists beyond four weeks (long COVID).

Even mild Omicron infections have been causing long-term fatigue. So, it’s important not to ‘push through’, pushing yourself too hard too soon can be detrimental to your recovery and can increase the risk of developing long COVID.

Return to sports and physical activities after a break should always be gradual, allowing your body to adapt again. After COVID it’s probably going to be even slower.

Wait at least seven days after you first experience your symptoms to resume any form of exercise.

This might be things like everyday activities, like housework, gardening or gentle walking. You should be able to do tasks such as these while holding a full conversation prior to engage in any other form of exercise.

From there gradually return to your pre-COVID exercise routine. Maybe start with 15 minutes and then increase to up to 30 minutes of light activity before going back to moderate training. A good rule to avoid injury is to increase the exercise intensity by 10% each week, with COVID you might need to stick to 10% every couple weeks until you are back to your pre-COVID levels.

If you have symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, cough, dizziness, you should see your GP and get assistance getting back to your normal life.

Stay safe!

Clarisse Reis
Director/ Senior Physiotherapist

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