Clinical Pilates sessions at our facility are conducted by qualified Allied Health practitioners, including Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. These sessions are specifically designed to aid in various stages of rehabilitation. Our approach involves adapting and customising Pilates exercises to cater to individual needs, ensuring optimal results. Our primary objective is to restore function and facilitate lifelong improvements. We specialise in working with individuals facing chronic and complex problems.

Who can Benefit from Clinical Pilates?

• Chronic back injuries: Clinical Pilates can provide targeted exercises and techniques to alleviate pain and improve strength and flexibility in individuals suffering from chronic back injuries.

• Osteoporosis: Our tailored Clinical Pilates programs focus on enhancing bone health and promoting safe movement for individuals with osteoporosis.

• Elderly people: Clinical Pilates can help improve balance, posture, and overall mobility, offering numerous benefits for elderly individuals.

• Musculoskeletal injuries: Whether it’s a sports-related injury or a general musculoskeletal issue, our Clinical Pilates sessions are designed to aid in rehabilitation and promote optimal healing.

At our clinic, we are committed to providing personalized care and attention to each client, ensuring that their specific needs and goals are met throughout their Clinical Pilates journey. Our experienced practitioners are dedicated to helping individuals regain function, manage chronic conditions, and enhance their overall well-being. Contact us today to schedule your Clinical Pilates session and take a step towards a healthier, more active life.