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We are pleased to introduce Marcia, our skilled Remedial Massage Therapist, who has been providing exceptional care in the field of massage therapy within Australia for the past few years. While Marcia completed her Physiotherapy degree in Chile back in 1999, she is currently pursuing recognition as a physiotherapist in Australia. With her unwavering passion for manual therapy, sports, and overall wellness, Marcia focuses her expertise on musculoskeletal and sports-related conditions, catering to individuals of all ages.

Marcia's dedication to her craft is evident through her active involvement in sports competitions as a remedial massage therapist, where she has played a crucial role in supporting athletes during their recovery process. Proficient in an array of techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, dry needling, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and craniosacral therapy, Marcia is well-equipped to address various musculoskeletal concerns.
With Marcia's expertise and compassionate approach, you can be assured of receiving professional care tailored to your individual needs.

Marcia’s Qualifications

Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


Dry Needling

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